About Glorious

About Chairman & Founder of GEM

Prophet.Bishop.Dr Anish Vijagat Was Born On 26th Feb ,In Year 1992 in Pune ,Maharashtra, India. He Was Born And Raised in Small Village Called Barshi,In State Of Maharashtra, India. He Took his Education on Bases Of His First Lessons Of A Primary School in Pune. After That He Carry Out His Secular Degree (B.com) In Pune. Prophet Bishop Dr Anish is Not Enough Satisfaction For Him , Bishop Dr Anish Vijagat Was Not Satisfied With This Knowledge And Wisdom But He Was willing to go in Different And Unique Specialization and Also In a Different Field. In the Age Of 12, He Gone through an Accident , That Accident Was Death Experience For his Life but God Showed His Mercy and Pure Grace in His Life.

About Vision & Ministry

Prophet .Bishop.Dr.Anish is feeling glad to share about his vision and ministry before entering in ministry a person came and spoke to Prophet Bishop.Dr.Anish to fast and pray as he went through fasting and praying god showed him a powerful and impartation vision. He saw that God Called him to work for his kingdom and to Fulfill the will of God and Manifest the Glory Of God In entire World. Prophet.Bishop.Dr Anish Saw a Great Vision, That He Was Preaching On a Big Stage or Platform Where The Biggest Crusade Was Going on , Where Lakhs Of People were gathered to Receive the Touch of God And Pastor Chris And Senior Pastor Benny Hinn And They Called Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish they impart their anointing over him then they asked him to pray , Preach and Deliver People . As Prophet Bishop Dr Anish began to Minister the word and began to pray then power of God shook that place and The Wave Of Healing, Miracles and Mighty Deliverance started happening And Thousands Of Testimonies Started taking place in the entire campus. All Glory To God .
After that, The Spirit Of The Lord came upon Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish and told him that you are an end time prophet to the nations according to jeremiah 1:5 and then the Lord instructed him to pray and fast more and one day .In the midnight again the spirit of the Lord came upon Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish and Showed Him an End Time Vision about his ministry. And The Spirit of The Lord Spoke To Him , Raise An Armies For The Nations .& Raise Thousands Of Prophets and Apostles , Pastors , Teachers, Evangelists , and Disciples In The Nations. Give Them Authority According to Matthew 28.18 , & Anoint them According to Luke.10:19, Matthew.10:1. And The spirit of the Lord Showed Him ministry vision and then he saw One Wonderful Name coming from heaven On The Golden Plate and the name was "GLORIOUS “And This How 'Glorious Evangelical Ministries ‘Vision Came in existence. As Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish Entered In This Vision He Went Through Many Tests, Trials,Tribulations and also he went through Many Sufferings and Oppositions But Still , Prophet.Bishop.Dr. Anish Stood firm On Word of God and His Vision. Finally in the Year 2016 ,7th March, Vision Came in Reality.He started the vision With 12 People after 7 years Today Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish is Spiritual Mentor and Father Of 3,000+ Spiritual Children. Not Only That He Established More Than 20+ Branch Churches and Every Branch Churches Having 100+ Baptist Members and His Head Church More than 300+ Baptist and Holy Communion member and He Ordained More Than 100+ Pastor's And Under GEM Bishop Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish Started Glorious Bible College, In This College he teached,trained and transformed more than 1200 students and he Graduate consecrate & certified them in Diploma and Degree courses . He is Giving Best Teaching, Training And Certification.

His Excellency

Today Prophet. Bishop. Dr Anish Is a Social, Spiritual, Religious, Educational, Motivator, Peace Maker, Teacher And trainer, End Time Prophetic Minister And Chairman Of Indian National Board Of Minority in International Humans Rights Protection Council, New Delhi, India.


Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish Completed his Spiritual Biblical Education B.th(Bachelor Of Theology) ,M.th(Master Of Theology), D.th(Doctor Of Truth),PhD(Doctor Of Philosophy) And M.Div(Master Of Divinity),D.D (Doctor Divinity)And 7 Type Of Research. From Christian Episcopal University,NATA And Truth Emet University, Banglore,India.


In the Year Of 2020,7th July. Prophet.Bishop.Dr.Anish got Married with Wonderful, Beautiful And God Fearing Women Prophetess Juliya, After One Year Of Our Marriage God blessed us with a Wonderful Daughter Princess Glory and Now Whole Family Is Standing And Serving The Lord According to Joshua.24:15. Very Soon According To His Vision He Is Going to Shake the Nation's, through The Power Of Holy Spirit God. Winning the Nation's For The Lord JESUS CHRIST & His Kingdom. SHALOM.